Structured Cabling Design & Building for Perfect Telecommunication

Get up to date with the ever-changing demands of the market with a communication network that supports you

Complete System of Cabling & Associated Hardware

Mesmerize your customers with a telecommunication infrastructure, irrespective of the difficulty in design, structure, or installation

Design & Engineering

Get a professional IT infrastructure and cabling installation services to maximize your investment.

Logistics Planning

Get a full-proof range of solutions with complete logistics planning and management of vendor relations.

Premier Cabling Design & Building Solutions

With a mix of technical expertise, capability, and project management services, bring your customers and teams closer to each other.

Low Voltage Solutions

Implement a low voltage cabling design that helps you save energy as well as money.

Dedicated Project Management

Deploy a dedicated project manager at each and every site of yours. The manager will work closely with you and understand all your cabling needs.

Minimal Visibility

While designing your cabling solutions, we also take care of aesthetics, creating minimally visible solutions with hidden wires.

Why Choose Us?

We can help you streamline your cabling needs in one go with improved uptime.

Key Advantages of Choosing IMTAS:

  • Knowledge – We have a team of experts who possess great knowledge about the field.
  • Experience – Our team is comprised of members who have long-standing experience in the field.
  • Punctuality – We deliver what we promise, and we do it with ease and style.
  • Assistance– We provide you expert assistance at any given time during and after the project delivery.

Want more information?

Take the first steps of building a structured cabling system with new levels of design, quality, and reliability.

Get guaranteed cabling setup with rigorously tested designs

We do not deploy a single wire or solution unless we are satisfied with its quality.

  • Application of structured cabling systems
  • Upgrades of network performance
  • Control of network capacity
  • Optimization in conduit space
  • Great savings in labor and overall project costs
  • Public addressing systems

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