Quality Assurance & Test Automation Services

Get Frictionless & Cost-Effective Quality Assurance & Test Automation Solutions

Assured Superior Control over QA & Test Automation

Say goodbye to most of the manual testing efforts for a speedy testing & quality assurance process

Web Application

We offer a wide range of testing and quality assurance solutions for an amazing web applications experience with a special package service for all of our clients.


Our team of certified testers offers unbiased testing of your mobile apps to deliver the best results with more reliable quality.


We offer nothing less than top-class quality assurance testing services to deliver the best in terms of test coverage and effort allocation.

Your Own Quality Assurance & Test Automation Office

We work as a part of your existing team, guiding you at every step and training your employees for better sustenance of the work.

Quality Assurance & Test Automation Services

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Services That We Offer

Well-balanced testing calls for a well-defined process that can fully integrate itself into the product’s development lifecycle. It should be adaptable enough to be used tactically for an exact and limited objective or tactically as a repeated deployment. Our team’s mature capabilities in testing services help clients to alleviate problems related to this branch of software engineering.

Business Assurance

Ensure testing success through business viewpoint and arrangement.

Service Virtualization

Get the potential for earlier error and defect identification to improve post-production.

Data Testing

Ensure that data is correctly extracted from its source.

Security Testing

Test your readiness to withstand attacks and errors.

Performance Engineering

Identify potential performance blocks early in the development lifecycle.

Test Automation

Develop an active test automation strategy.

Empower your enterprise with the ability to mitigate all forms of disaster and auto-initiate recovery procedures as and when required for maximum quality assurance.

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At IMTAS we are committed to delivering nothing short of what is best in terms of services to all the sectors of the market with utmost dedication and craftsmanship.

Three Pillars of Our Quality Assurance & Test Automation

Meet specifications, drive innovation, and deliver what is expected of you. Get the power to be the clear masters of documented systems and audited processes.

Maintain and elevate products during the development and design phase with a team of experts who have professional qualifications.

Involve all parties and understand the requirements of all domains. Understand the machines and their processes and deliver the maximum to your client.

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