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Get in-house and on-site project management services which can ensure results are always in line

Project Management Services

Get the most affordable tools & techniques for effective project management

App Development Management

Application development management know-how ranges from the applications developed to support scientific scrutiny to managing all the assets.

Network Project Management

Our network management services range in size from managing the design and deployment of big networks of large multi-site corporations to small networks of business offices.

Data Migration Management

We see to it that your data migration is completed within time. We ensure the fruition of IT infrastructure and information management.

An Approachable Project Management Office

Do not get left behind in this competitive age; take the right decisions at the right time to speed up your performance and delivery quotient.

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What do we have to offer?

Multifaceted, large-scale projects and software are exclusive in terms of their necessities, opportunities, and significance. Our team of experts will characterize your interests through all the project phases, including the development, design, location, creation, and operation stages.

Requirements Development

A streamlined process that leaves no detail unnoticed


Defining and restricting the scope of projects

Schedule Management

Operational management that runs everything on or before time

Risk Management

Mitigate and avoid all the possible and foreseeable risks

Business Operations

Increase functionality with automated systems across your business

Quality Assurance

Deliver nothing but the best of what has been planned

Accelerate deployment with automated project management tools and services to salvage your projects from disasters

Our Range of Offers

At IMTAS we are committed to delivering services to all the sectors of the market with utmost finesse and dedication so that all you have to do is approach us and reap the benefits thereafter.

Our Range of Offers

Define and follow the processes. Make them adaptable to any changing conditions. Know when to apply predefined processes and when to diverge from them.

Maintain and ensure proper handling of hundreds of files. Version them, store them, and analyze them. Track changes and allocate them to all interested parties.

Involve all parties and facilitate frequent and transparent dialogue between vendors, clients, and co-workers at any given time. Give and get relevant feedback.

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