Innovative Management & Technology Approaches (IMTAS) Awarded Subcontract To Provide Expert Cctv Support To The Department Of Justice

IMTAS, an IT management and consulting firm offering managed IT support solutions, announced a subcontract win to provide AT&T’s CCTV initiative with the Department of Justice system construction and support. In the six pilot sites, IMTAS will complete the installation of network-attached CCTV, cabling, power, mid-span power injectors, and storage.
The systems that IMTAS installs will send videos and images to AT&T’s Network Operations Center (NOC), where the data is stored and reviewed. Using both commercially available and custom applications, the data is analyzed to provide face and item recognitions, implement disaster recovery, and ensure data protection. This project is expected to expand to 128 cities/locations using the same technical and construction approaches.
“AT&T is the global leader in the telecommunication industry, and IMTAS is pleased to partner with AT&T’s CCTV program in their mission to provide the Department of Justice component offices with both wire and wireless communication support and enhanced facility security” said Ajay Bhatia, CEO of IMTAS.
Over the course of the contract, IMTAS will support AT&T 24 hours a day, seven days a week by monitoring all cameras in the Network Operations Center to ensure proper functioning and storage of videos and images. This includes local equipment troubleshooting and maintenance at all workstations and field offices. In addition to monitoring and maintaining all equipment, IMTAS will provide training to local users in viewing daily activities, searching through video files, recording and manipulating live feeds, and other subsect activities.
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