New-Age Enterprise Cyber Defense Services

Fortify your enterprise against any data loss, security breach, or malware

Remove Enterprise Security Gaps with Resilient Solutions

Develop and apply flexible and sustainable next-generation security infrastructure architectures to unify security as well as compliance for both on- and off-premises systems. Lead the race of innovation with the help of automation and intelligence.

We Provide

  • Cyberspace Operations and Management

  • Information Assurance – FISMA Support

  • Security Software Development

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Strategic Enterprise Network Security Planning

IMTAS services offer a strong line of defense for a phenomenal digital transformation by ensuring end-to-end security for all the services and applications across the various business channels that you may have. Improve your preparedness for a cyber-attack and tackle them without getting affected.

  • Cyber Defense & Countermeasures
  • Better Control
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Secure On-Premise Equipment

Reliable Technical Support for Enterprise Maintenance and Monitoring

You can trust us for building security and compliance into the verticals of your corporation.

Vigilance Management

Managed cloud security with facilitated cyber crisis management for IT security teams and business workflows.

Threat Intelligence

Get time-bound notice of any probable malware, data breach, unauthorized access, or virus.

Incident Response

Learn how to tackle a security breach and restore your access management and security to what it was in no time.

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