Data Warehousing Solutions

Get lightning-fast query performance at a fraction of the cost of your existing data warehouse

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IMTAS aims to help companies make better decisions with good intuitive and real-time analytics. The analytics platform will allow all users to integrate streaming data from different sources.

Our team builds sustainable data warehousing solutions built on MySQL, Cloud Databases, Google Analytics, & Heroku.

IMTAS Data Warehousing Solutions

Amazon Redshift

Run complex queries against petabytes of data using SQL queries for structured or unstructured objects stored in your S3 environment.

Google BigQuery

Get solutions to effectively manage and query data to use it from any language which is built with the REST API.

Microsoft Azure

We build solutions around Microsoft’s cloud computing framework for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications for your data centers.


Get automated SQL data warehouse solutions that support all types of data along with all the ETL and BI tools.

Data Warehousing Services

Data warehousing gives you the capacity to retain more historical data to run complex and mixed workloads, delivering highly responsive and interactive applications to business users.

  • Faster & Simpler Management
  • Lower Costs
  • Higher Storage Capacity
  • Real-Time Feeds

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