CCTV/AV Building & Integration Solutions

Apply the industry's most advanced audio-visual and CCTV technologies through custom integration solutions for maximum business value

Monumental Infrastructural Ease

Get an infrastructure that has been created to support all of your audio-visual needs

AV Integration

Now get end-to-end solutions for your meeting rooms, boardrooms, auditoriums, conference rooms, etc.

CCTV Integration

Get CCTV monitoring systems that incorporate high-resolution CCTV cameras for enhanced image quality to ensure maximum physical security.

Leading-Edge AV Building & CCTV Solutions

With a mix of technical know-how and project management services, bring your integrated audio-video communications solutions to light.

AV Project Management

Implementing sound project management with your AV system installation can improve normal business functions and assist in meeting deadlines.

CCTV Monitoring

Deploy CCTV monitoring that gives you optimized storage coupled with intelligent digital recording and analysis.

AV Integration

Integrate all your current processes, objectives, and investments, as well as your strategic growth with new age AV solutions, to gain a competitive edge.

Why Choose Us?

We offer a complete range of CCTV/AV building integration solutions to help you get the right communication channels.

Key Advantages of Choosing IMTAS:

  • Knowledge – We have a team of experts who know how to fix whatever issue you may have.
  • Experience – All the members of our team have long-standing experience in the field.
  • Punctuality – We deliver what we promise and we do it by the committed deadline.
  • Assistance– We provide you with expert assistance before, as well as after, the delivery of solutions.

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Take the first steps of building a smoother communication channel with a partner who will always be with you

Be the Pioneer of Revolutionary AV Channels

We bundle together the most appropriate technologies for AV and CCTV integrations at very reduced costs. All you have to do is approach us with what you want and we’ll take it from there.

  • People Access and Screening Solutions
  • CCTV Surveillance Solutions
  • Building Management System (BMS)
  • Central Monitoring Services (CMS)
  • Physical Security Solutions
  • AV Systems Control and Management

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