Business Process Automation Services

Complete solutions for your digital business automation practice to address the breadth of your enterprise

Analyse, Improve, & Automate Your Business Processes

Excel through an integrated model based on software process improvement & detailed assessment services

Requirement Analysis

With our team, you get a good process management strategy with a targeted operating model, coupled with services like RFI/RFP creation and much more.

Process Analysis and Digitization

The solution to most of your problems lies in the digitization of business process modeling and its analysis and simulation. Effective change management can take you a long way.

Process Automation and Enterprise Digitization

Get the best solution design and process automation solutions that will enable you to have enterprise digitization service with post-implementation support.

A Business Process Management Office

Our team blends in well with your existing in-house teams. We are there for you every step of the way and train your staff for better performance and workload management.

Dossier of Services

What do we offer?

What do we offer?

Today’s unstable business environment and the snowballing difficulty and propagation of high-impact technologies like analytics, cloud computing, SaaS and flexibility, pose threatening challenges to management teams. To address them properly, businesses in all sectors and topographies are focusing more and more attention on business process management. Here is what we have to offer you:

Business Assurance

Ensure a smooth process workflow


Get automated solutions for small tasks


Control who sees what in your system

Performance Optimization

Get the maximum out of your resources


Make business-intelligent decisions from the analytics

Test Automation

Develop an active test automation strategy for products

Examine, project, grow and bring into line your business processes with your company's goals, vision, and needs, considerably and firmly increasing the efficiency of those procedures by creating the best conceivable business decisions for today’s economic climate.

Why us?

We can give you the best possible solutions for your enterprise in the least amount of time and money. We provide solutions to all sectors of the market with ease.

Business Process Management Features of IMTAS

Our first step is to help you get the shopping quotes for your very next business process management project. We suggest modest rates for our BPM specialists and quote belligerently on development projects.

We use an agile methodology and always keep you in the loop. We rationalize delivery and accelerate cost-effective engagements that have been designed to match your objects, your timeline, and your finances.

Get complete project visibility. We work with you to provide the correct delivery method and a tailored solution. We promote the usage of email, phone, live chat, Skype, and Google Hangout for continuous communication.

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